Case Studies

FireFly Vodka and FireFly Sweet Tea Vodka

Stylee PR & Marketing began representing FireFly Vodka in the spring of 2007 when the owners, Scott Newitt and Jim Irvin, selected our PR firm to develop and implement a PR and marketing campaign that would position FireFly as a premium handcrafted product made in South Carolina. The company also needed assistance with the product launch. Stylee PR created a targeted media campaign which resulted in numerous articles on FireFly Vodka in local and regional publications and broadcast media. The launch party was presented as a contest for local bartenders to create new and unique cocktails with FireFly Vodka. Stylee PR invited local celebrities who judged the finalists and selected the winner. The launch party received much attention in the media. The success of the first product was soon followed by a new, genuine Southern product, FireFly Sweet Tea Vodka. Through a targeted media campaign and organizing city-wide tastings and pairings, the product soon became Charleston’s favorite. Today both products are available nationwide.

Steven Herlong & Associates Architects

When Stylee PR & Marketing first met Steve Herlong of Steve Herlong & Associates Architects, it immediately recognized a visionary in his field. Stylee PR helped position the company as the leader in coastal architectural designs and preservations. Our primarily goal with this client was to create a media campaign in local, regional and national publications. With high profile placements in the New York Times, Coastal Living, Waterfront Home and Design, Charleston Magazine and Charleston Home, Southern Living, Stylee PR assisted the architecture firm in accelerating its growth. Steve Herlong’s architecture design made the covers of Southern Living and Beautiful Homes magazines. Herlong’s outstanding residential designs on South Carolina’s barrier islands were awarded the highest honors by the American Institute of Architects.

Charleston Fine Art Dealers’ Association

Since 2004, Stylee PR and Marketing has promoted the Charleston Fine Art Dealers’ Association (CFADA) and its fine art events. As part of the promotional campaign, Stylee PR is also promoting Charleston as a unique historic destination for fine art. Over the years, the association was featured in numerous publications including Fine Art Connoisseur, American Art Collector, Art & Antique Magazine, Southwest Art Magazine, AmericanStyle, Southern Living, Art of the Times, Panache, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Traditional Home, Coastal Living, Charleston Magazine to mention a few. In 2006, Stylee PR created and organized a new signature summer event for CFADA titled the “Palette and Palate Stroll.” The fine art and food event quickly became the fine art and food event of the South supported by the finest local restaurants and the most talented local chefs. Hundreds of visitors travel to Charleston to participate in this exclusive summer event. Stylee PR also assisted in planning and establishing the High School Art Competition in 2004. Schools participating in the competition receive donations from CFADA’s Charleston Fine Art Annual. The association has donated over $180,000 to local high school art programs and received much recognition from the community for its efforts to support art education in Charleston.

rehava -Real Estate Store

In March 2009, our client, rehava real estate store, made news all over the country when RE/MAX decided to oppose its logo trademark registration, claiming that rehava’s logo was too similar to their own. Stylee PR launched an online marketing campaign to bring awareness of this potential lawsuit.  Within 24 hours, the story appeared on hundreds of social media sites and blogs as well as in the Post & Courier,, and the Charleston Regional Business Journal. These articles of David vs. Goliath aroused the public that came  to defend rehava. Over 15,000 people cast their vote on (later reported as an all time record for the Post and Courier) in support of People sent emails to CEO of RE/MAX, and we recorded thousands of comments online within 2 days of Stylee PR breaking the news. RE/MAX decided to withdraw its opposition and rehava got its trademark. Using word of mouth in combination with the traditional and social media, we managed to spread the word about the potential lawsuit to hundreds of thousands of people. At the end of 2009, the Post & Courier reported that “rehava vs. RE/MAX” was the most read story in 2009 on their website.

Culinary Tours of Charleston

When Stylee PR & Marketing started promoting the Culinary Tours of Charleston, Charleston was just on the brink of becoming the culinary destination that it is today. Stylee PR promoted some of the finest local chefs that participated in the tours including Donald Barickman, Craig Deihl, Frank Lee and Mike Lata. The tours were featured in every leading culinary, travel and lifestyle publications, including The New York Times, Southern Living, Bon Appetite, Gourmet, TravelGirl and many more.

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